RQubed Consultants are global payment systems architects, developers and partners who think along different lines. RQubed listen, advise and implement unique and innovative solutions for customers around the world.

RQubed is proud to be responsible for the launch of one of the first mobile banks in the world, WIZZIT Bank, in 2004. RQubed successfully pioneered using USSD technology for mobile banking, which means the application can be used on any phone and any SIM card.

RQubed carved an entirely new space in the banking sector. RQubed’s attitude of ‘Can Do It’ helped in treading unexplored ground. Today, they have many successful years of international experience in the mobile banking space.

RQubed is confident that combining the research and groundbreaking technology in their system, the service offering is world-class. It seamlessly incorporates a banking and payment system onto any mobile phone.

RQubed is proud of its achievements to date and have the following strengths:

Many years experience in mobile banking and payment solutions – a business that was developed out of a customer and market need, not as a technology offering
Breadth and depth of global shareholders and access to their networks
Large reference sites with significant and growing customer base
Committed, experienced team who are passionate with a ‘can do it’ attitude
Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) technology platform
Partnership philosophy
Proven rapid deployment of a complete solution