RQubed Consultants have developed a proven mobile banking and commerce solution that can be implemented rapidly by any financial institution to deliver a mobile banking channel to their customers. RQubed’s mobile banking platform is fittingly named EVEREST.

EVEREST supports different cellular presentation protocols like USSD, SMS, WIG, WAP, GPRS, J2ME and HTML. Preference is given to the USSD bearer channel as RQubed has pioneered using this technology to access the youth and unbanked markets and today this has become the channel of choice for easy mobile banking.

EVEREST manages the life cycle of a customer request, originating from the customer mobile handset, through the EVEREST core routing engine and finally delivers the request to the relevant back end banking system for processing. EVEREST can facilitate multi dimensional transactions. For example, the purchase of airtime, where the financial portion is processed first and the airtime credit is then sent to the relevant mobile network operator. We have integrated EVEREST directly with Intelligent Network (IN) billing systems of mobile network operators including Vodacom, Vodafone, Orange, MTN, Zain and Cosmote to facilitate direct airtime credits.

EVEREST provides a customer management console that can be used by the financial institution to support customers that are using the facility. RQubed has developed a number of unique ways of registering customers (existing or new) securely for mobile banking services. Experience has shown that no two implementations are identical and EVEREST is a dynamic solution that can fulfil the unique requirements of any financial institution. The solution supports multiple languages.

Through the EVEREST mobile banking solution customers are able to perform a number of transactions that include:
Balance enquiries
Customer inter account transfers
Customer to customer money transfers
Customer-to-other bank money transfers
Facilitation of mobile airtime / recharge vouchers
Change of mobile banking security PIN
Facilitation of bill payments
Act as a gateway for value added services such as prepaid electricity and water
Account management functions like stop card, cheque book ordering, one time password generation, etc

RQubed has also extended the EVEREST product to offer a fully fledged mobile wallet solution that can be used to drive micro payments.

The EVEREST Mobile Commerce solution can be deployed by any financial institution with minimum disruption to existing operations within an efficient and cost-effective project timeline.

RQubed’s extensive experience in the field of mobile banking and payment technologies will be a definite advantage to any financial service. RQubed is the ideal technology partner for any financial institution wishing to deliver a mobile banking project successfully.